Student Awardees

Written by: Maria Johmelia R. Lantion

NVSU Recognizes Student Awardees of Bayombong Campus


Two hundred fifty academic and 48 extracurricular awardees from NVSU Bayombong campus were applauded by the community as they were recognized on December 11 at the NVSU Gymnasium for their excellent performance during the school year 2018-2019

The recognition program of NVSU Bayombong campus was made more meaningful with the presence of Dr. Robert Rodolfo, a Professor at Kalinga State University and an alumnus of NVSU, who obtained his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in College of Forestry.

Dr. Rodolfo, during his message, reminded the students that recognition day is a momentous event as they are recognized for their achievements.

“Recognition day is the culmination of all your [students] hard work, it is the day when you can say “I accomplished something.” However, it must be remembered that the recognition you receive today is not the peak of your success, but a new beginning to look forward for better heights,” he said.

Dr. Rodolfo also shared his personal experiences being a student and an ice cream vendor at the same time. Thus, he told the students to always reflect on the success that they attain.


Dr. Araceli V. Domagas, Vice President for Administration and Finance & Officer-in-Charge for the Office of the President, also delivered an inspirational message to the awardees in behalf of the university.

“With 6, 000 students of NVSU, with less than a hundred or more who are seating here in front of this stage; you are the cream of the crop, you are recognized because of your best performances in the university,” she said.


Dr. Domagas also challenged and encouraged the students to develop a positive attitude.

“Knowledge is not just the thing that is important; what matters most is the attitude, develop a positive attitude so that later you [students] will truly succeed in life,” she added.

The awardees received medals and certificates as tokens of success gained during the school year.