Student Affairs & Services

The Nueva Vizcaya State University Office of Student Affairs and Services (OSAS) is an administrative unit of the University that is within the supervision of the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA). The OSAS aims to initiate and maintain specific programs which enhance the students’ personal and social development; provide opportunities for students to actively participate in campus organizations and functions that will train them to become leaders; and offer programs and services in the area of welfare, control, and development functions.

The OSAS personnel should have at least three (3) years’ experience in the field. The OSAS is headed by a Director designated by the University President, and confirmed by the Board of Regents for a term of one (1) year. The Director is assisted by Campus Coordinators who implement the programs and services of the OSAS. The OSAS of the University is composed of three departments, each comprised of several units.

  1. The Student Welfare Programs & Services (SWPS) Department Chairperson designs basic services and programs needed to ensure and promote the well-being of students. The SWPS Chairperson is assisted by Heads of the following units:

    1. Information & Orientation – informative activities and materials designed to facilitate to facilitate student adjustment to life in tertiary/higher education

    2. Career & Job Placement – assistance provided for vocational and occupational fitness and employment

    3. Economic Enterprise Development – services and programs that would cater to the other economic needs of students such as but not limited to student cooperatives, entrepreneurial, income generating projects, and savings

    4. Student Handbook Development – updates made into accessible formats for dissemination, information, and guidance of students and university stakeholders.

    5. Student Insurance & Mutual Aid – immediate financial help to every member of the studentry in case of hospitalization, accident, death, and even basic needs including emergency need for transportation.

  2. The Department of Student Development Programs & Services (SDPS) Chairperson designs services and programs for the exploration, enhancement, and development of student’s full potential for personal development, leadership, and social responsibility. The Chairperson of the SDPS is supported by Heads of the following units:

    1. Student Organizations & Activities – recognition/accreditation, supervision, and monitoring of student groups including the evaluation of their activities

    2. Student Discipline – judicious implementation of university rules and regulations governing student behavior and conduct.

    3. Student Publication – the NVSU Varsity Courier, the official student publication of the University

    4. Yearbook Development – the Vizcayeene, the official yearbook of the University

    5. Student Council – the student body duly organized and elected at large by the students themselves, with due recognition and authority from the University, as the students’ official representative in matters affecting them

  3. The Guidance & Counseling Programs & Services (GCPS) Department Chairperson designs a set of services using an integrated approach to the development of well-functioning individuals primarily by helping them to utilize their potentials to the fullest, such as:

    1. Counseling – individual and/or group intervention designed to facilitate positive change in student behavior, feelings, and attitudes

    2. Appraisal - gathering information about students through the use of psychological tests and non-psychometric devices.

    3. Follow-up – a systematic monitoring to determine the effectiveness of guidance activities in general and placement in particular.

    4. Referral – coordination with multi-disciplinary team of specialists to ensure that special needs of students are met