Steps or Procedures on Enrollment

Regular Registration

  1. The enrollment of any student shall be done only during the days specified in the university calendar or in a memorandum issued by the President of the University.

  2. An old student shall be allowed to register only after he/she shall have secured his admission slip duly accompanied by his final grades during the preceding semester and after his scholastic standing shall have been fully evaluated.

  3. Regular and miscellaneousfees of the university shall be fixed by the Board of Regents, subject to exemptions or deductions as may be promulgated.

  4. The term regular fees shall include matriculation, tuition, and comprehensive examination fees to be paid by the student in connection with his registration. The entrance fee shall be a regular fee to be paid by the student upon admission to the university for the first time. The deposit fee is for breakage and shall be paid upon enrolment. Should the student incur any breakage, the payment shall be charged against his deposit fee, otherwise, he shall replace the item.

  5. Miscellaneous fees shall be those charged other than the regular fees, like fees for special examination.