Guidelines in Admitting Returnees, Special Students, and Cross Enrolees

Returning Students

  1. An old student shall be allowed to register only after he/she shall have secured admission slip duly accompanied by his/her final grades during the preceding semester and after his/her scholastic standing shall have been fully evaluated.

Cross Enrollees

A cross enrollee has to present the following documents to the Registrar before he can be admitted to the university:

  1. A written permit from the Registrar of the school where the cross enrollee comes from

  2. A copy of the recommendation for cross enrollment signed by the adviser and approved by the Dean of the college offering the specific subject.

Foreign Students

  1. In addition to the Transcript of Records, foreign students for both undergraduate and graduate levels shall be required to pass the Proficiency Examination in English to be conducted by the Chairman of the Department of Languages or his/her duly authorized representative or the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) conducted by an accredited agency.

  2. A graduate student shall also submit a student visa, CHED permit with the alien registration, and alien fee.

  3. Application of all foreign students shall be processed in accordance with DepEd Order No. 27, s. 1978 and other existing policies on international students.