Steps or Procedures on Enrollment


  1. All entering freshman and sophomore students coming from non-SUC institutions are required to take the Admission Examination given by the University Educational Testing Center (UETC) after presenting to the Head of the UETC the official receipt of the admission test fee (P100.00) secured from the Cashier’s Office;

  2. The entering students shall submit the result of the Admission Examination to the University Registrar;

  3. They should likewise submit all other original documents required to the University Registrar.

Regular Registration

  1. The enrollment of any student shall be done only during the days specified in the university calendar or in a memorandum issued by the President of the University.

  2. An old student shall be allowed to register only after he/she shall have secured his admission slip duly accompanied by his final grades during the preceding semester and after his scholastic standing shall have been fully evaluated.

  3. Regular and miscellaneousfees of the university shall be fixed by the Board of Regents, subject to exemptions or deductions as may be promulgated.

  4. The term regular fees shall include matriculation, tuition, and comprehensive examination fees to be paid by the student in connection with his registration. The entrance fee shall be a regular fee to be paid by the student upon admission to the university for the first time. The deposit fee is for breakage and shall be paid upon enrolment. Should the student incur any breakage, the payment shall be charged against his deposit fee, otherwise, he shall replace the item.

  5. Miscellaneous fees shall be those charged other than the regular fees, like fees for special examination.

Registration Procedures

New Students

Transferee Students

Old Students

Summer Registration

  1. Students whose curricular schedules include summer classes shall be required to enroll during summer. Students with deficiencies may also do so; provided, that the subjects they want to take are offered during summer.

  2. A student who failed to enroll during the last two succeeding semesters may enroll during summer, provided that he has previous enrollment in the collegiate level.

Cross Registration

  1. The total number of units for which a student may be allowed to register in two or more colleges within the university shall not exceed the maximum load allowed by the rules on academic load hereinafter provided.

  2. No student from another institution shall be admitted to the university without a written permission from the Registrar of the school where he/she comes from.

  3. A graduating student of the university may be allowed to cross register or cross enroll in any other institution; provided, he/she will enroll only one (1) subject during the summer term and two (2) subjects during the regular semester; provided further, that the subjects are not offered in the university during the said period, or if offered, are already closed; provided furthermore, that the permit to cross register secured from the Dean of the college is approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs or his duly authorized representative and is noted by the Registrar; and provided finally, that the course description and number of units are the same as those offered in the university.

  4. A bona fide NVSU graduating student may be allowed to cross enroll in other state-owned or government educational institutions, or in recognized private educational institutions for a subject needed for graduation, except Field Practice, Practice Teaching, special topics, seminars, and undergraduate thesis; provided, that:

    1. The subject is not offered during the semester/summer term or is offered during that term but cannot be enrolled due to conflict in schedule that cannot be resolved;

    2. The student has no more deficiencies other than the subject to be cross-enrolled elsewhere during the semester or summer term;

    3. The cross registration will not result to exceeding the normal load for his curriculum level during that semester or summer term;

    4. The course description of the subject to be cross-enrolled in is essentially the same/similar to that offered in the University;

    5. The cross registration is recommended by the adviser and the Department Chairman where the subject is taught and duly approved by the College Dean; and

    6. A copy of the approved application is submitted to the University Registrar for the issuance of permit to cross enroll.

  5. Validation is required of students given permission to cross register in schools other than state colleges and universities.

  6. No student shall be allowed to cross register in any other college or university for the purpose of simply increasing his/her academic load during a semester or summer term.

Late Registration

  1. All late registrants shall undergo the regular procedure of enrollment and shall be charged with a late registration fee of Php 100.00 for the first day and an additional Php 10.00 for undergraduate, and Php 60.00 for graduate students, for each day thereafter until the last day prescribed for with fine.

  2. An undergraduate student who does not attend the first day of his classes immediately after his enrolment shall pay to the Cashier’s Office a fine of P20.00 each subject/class missed during that day and an additional P10.00 per subject/ class missed every day, subsequently thereafter.