NVSU Honors Benefactors, Faculty, Staff, and Retirees on the Second Day of Anniversary Celebration

The Nueva Vizcaya State University (NVSU) celebrated the second day of its 19th Charter Anniversary, March 21, 2023, at the NVSU Bambang gymnasium by giving recognition to the benefactors, faculty, staff, and retirees, including the two former members of the Boards of Regents, Regent Ruth Raña Padilla and Regent Dan Rev M. Carpio.

Seventeen benefactors of NVSU were recognized for their help to the university's development. The Service Award (Retirees) was given to 31 retirees who have provided exemplary service during their tenure at the university.

The Loyalty Award was presented to 24 individuals who have served the university for 10 years, 5 individuals who have served for fifteen 15 years, four individuals who have served for 20 years, 10 individuals who have served for 25 years, six individuals who have served for 30 years, 13 individuals who have served for 35 years, and four individuals who have served for 40 years.

Posthumous Awards were accorded to two individuals who had rendered service to the university before passing. The Maaga, Maagap at Masipag awards were presented to 13 non-teaching and 18 teaching staff with exceptional dedication and performance.

The performance-based award was given to 20 individuals who have exhibited outstanding performance in their respective fields. Meanwhile, the Best Organizational Unit award was presented to the Extension and Training Office, the Planning and Development Office, the HRM/HRD Units, and the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Two colleges were recognized for their exemplary performance in licensure examinations, with one awardee from the College of Veterinary Medicine (Bayombong Campus) and one from the Department of Electrical Engineering (Bambang Campus).

The university also recognized three individuals who received national awards from national award-giving bodies. Lovella G. Velasco received the CSC HAP Pagasa Award, while Cecile J. Martin received a special citation as the proponent of NVSU PRIME-HRM. The NVSU Prime-HRM team was also awarded the PRIME-HRMM Bronze Award.

The university also recognized the outstanding resource generation of eight projects during the 16th Charter Anniversary, 11 projects during the 17th Charter Anniversary, 10 projects during the 18th Charter Anniversary, and eight projects during the 19th Charter Anniversary.

In addition, the Outstanding Achievement Award as an inventor, innovator, or IPR was given to several individuals for their utility models, industrial designs, copyrights, and trademarks.

Different faculty researchers have been awarded International Paper Presenter for presenting in various paper presentations: 58 research in 2019, 21 in 2020, 22 in 2021, and 53 research in 2022. 

Moreover, 24 faculty researchers who have presented at an international research conference, 11 faculty researchers at a national research conference, and 14 faculty researchers at a regional research conference have been given Best Poster or Paper Awards in various fora.

The university also recognized faculty researchers for publishing 27 research articles in 2019, 40 research articles in 2020, 43 research articles in 2021, and 48 research articles in 2022 in various refereed journals.

In addition, nine faculty members have been recognized for book authorship, and 28 individuals were awarded for being peer reviewers for numerous refereed journals from 2019 to 2022.

Before the awarding ceremony, the keynote speaker of the recognition program, Dr. Magtanggol A. Maniquis, said in his inspirational message how NVSU continues to engage with the private sector in accomplishing its objectives of going beyond borders. "Sa pagluluwag ng pintuan ng NVSU para kami’y kupkupin, lumuwag din ang aming mga bulsa para sa NVSU," he added after thanking Dr. Wilfredo A. Dumale, Jr., university president, for making them a valuable link by allowing them to be part of the university.

In the afternoon event, the university held a program entitled "Saludo sa mga Retirado" to honor and recognize the contributions of retired employees, 93 retirees have attended since NVSU was established. The event started with a dance from the retirees, followed by the invocation, Pambansang Awit, and welcome address from the Vice President of the Federated Faculty Association, Edilberto H. Salinas.

The program's highlights included a keynote speech from the Municipal Councilor of Bambang and Committee Chair for Senior Citizens, Hon. Freddie S. Ramel, who thanked the retirees for their unending service and help to the university. "Kayo po talaga ang tunay; you are the true heroes of today’s generation. Moreover, once again, we thank the leadership of President Wilfredo Dumale, for initiating an activity such as this that recognizes the retirees," he added. He also told his fellow retirees to continue their service.

In his welcome message, President Dumale also talked about his plan to build two lounges for retirees, one on the Bambang Campus and one on the Bayombong Campus. These lounges will be open to retirees who want to come to the university and have a cup of coffee.

The program ended with stories the retirees shared during their university stay.