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Engineering Day 2023: Expressing Gratitude and Commending Engineering Students' Achievements in a More Resilient World

The Nueva Vizcaya State University?s College of Engineering celebrated Engineering Day 2023 on May 19, 2023, with great fervor and enthusiasm. The event at the university gymnasium provided a platform to honor the remarkable achievements of engineering students and newly licensed engineers while embracing the theme of expressing gratitude and commending their accomplishments in a more resilient world.

The ceremony began with a meaningful thanksgiving mass, which fostered a spirit of gratitude and unity among the College of Engineering. Activities then began with an exciting motorcade through the bustling streets of the Municipality of Bambang. The procession proudly showcased the newly licensed engineers, accompanied by successful students from the four notable departments of the college: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, and Computer Engineering. The motorcade symbolized their journey from diligent students to competent professionals.

Dr. Fitzgerald L. Fabelico, the Campus Administrator delivered an inspiring message during the event highlighting the importance of preparing students to handle failure when confronted with problem-solving tasks. He encouraged students from NVSU to make the most of their time in the university and embrace the challenges they encounter in their academic journey, as these obstacles serve as stepping stones for personal growth and resilience.

Representing University President Dr. Wilfredo A. Dumale, Jr., Dr. Elma P. Apostal, Vice President for Academic Affairs, challenged the newly licensed engineers to embrace their professional status with a strong sense of responsibility. In her speech, she stressed the importance of thinking outside the box and utilizing their expertise to address society?s pressing issues, thereby contributing to global growth and progress.

One of the highlights of Engineering Day 2023 was the presence of a distinguished guest speaker, Engr. Arriane Joy B. Bautista, an accomplished Professional Electronics Engineer (PECE). In her engaging speech, she shared personal experiences and professional insights, emphasizing that the most rewarding achievements often lie beyond one's comfort zone. Engr. Bautista inspired the audience to push their limits, strive for greatness, and embrace their true potential. Her words left a lasting impact on aspiring engineers, instilling in them a sense of purpose and the necessary qualities to excel in the field.

Throughout the day, various activities showcased the broad range of abilities encompassed by engineering. The event emphasized that engineering is not limited to technical skills alone, but also involves creativity, leadership, and teamwork. Furthermore, a token of appreciation was presented to the newly licensed engineers, symbolizing their transition from students to professionals and recognizing their hard-earned accomplishments.

Engineering Day 2023 served as a testament to the exceptional abilities of engineering students and newly licensed engineers. It provided a platform to recognize their outstanding accomplishments, talents, and dedication, while also motivating future generations to pursue excellence in the field of engineering. #PassionforExcellence #ResilientAchievements