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  • NVSU-Bambang celebrates Andur Ken Sirib 2022

    • 29 Nov 2022

    Promoting sportsmanship and camaraderie, the Nueva Vizcaya State University - Bambang Campus unitedly welcomed the socio-cultural and intramural events dubbed Andur ken Sirib 2022, themed "Balik-Sigla, Lakas, at Galing ng Kulturang NVSU-Bambang," on November 21–25, 2022.

    Dr. Wilfredo A. Dumale, Jr., the University President, officially declared the opening of the five-day celebration during the opening program.

    Fostering the aptitude and glamour of each college, NVSUans enthusiastically paraded in colors in celebration of the start of the intramurals despite the bad weather.

    For the Andur ken Sirib 2022, the concepts for the colleges were: Fiery Red Stallions for the College of Industrial Technology; Metallic Golden Buffaloes for the College of Arts and Sciences; Rocky Maroon Beavers for the College of Engineering; and Raging Blue Sharks for the College of Teacher Education.

    The parade, opening program, and sociocultural events wrapped up Day 1. While scheduled for Day 2, was the continuation of the sociocultural activities and the official start of the sports events.

    As for the highlight of the intramurals, Mr. and Mrs. Intramurals 2022 was held at the gymnasium on Friday, November 25, at 2:00 pm. 14 candidates from different colleges were the contenders for this year’s crowns. 

    Below is the OVERALL TALLY of scores and ranking of the 4 teams: 


    Champion - CTE (92.00)

    1st Runner Up - COE (73.5)

    2nd Runner Up - CAS (70.5)

    3rd Runner Up - CIT (67.00)


    Champion - Fiery Red Stallion (CIT)

                       Gold - 91

                       Silver - 38

                       Bronze - 40

                       Pewter - 29

                       TOTAL - 198

    1st Runner Up - Raging Blue Sharks (CTE)

                      Gold - 55

                      Silver - 29

                      Bronze - 64

                      Pewter - 25

                      TOTAL - 173

    2nd Runner Up - Rocky Maroon Beavers (COE)

                     Gold - 39

                     Silver - 92

                     Bronze - 26

                     Pewter - 37

                     TOTAL - 194

    3rd Runner Up - Metallic Golden Buffalo (CAS)

                     Gold - 20

                     Silver - 33

                     Bronze - 43

                     Pewter - 42

                     TOTAL – 138

    Mr. and Ms. NVSU Intramurals 2022 Title Holders

    Mr. Ferdinand G. Daracan of College of Engineering

    Miss May Ann R. Uy of College of Arts and Sciences

    Despite the two-year hiatus, every NVSUan displayed their skills and talents in their specific athletic battlegrounds.