Director, UDRRMT

The University Disaster Risk Reduction Management Team (UDRRMT) has actively complies with the requirement or [download here]R.A. 10121 series of 2010, which provides the legal basis for policies, plans and programs to deal with disasters preparedness and emergency response.

After its reactivation/reorganization on June 6, 2014, the UDRRMT has actively participated in all activities regarding disaster preparedness and emergency response to strengthen the capacity of the university together with partner stakeholders in the provincial and local government to build the disaster resilience of the university as well as the community to institutionalize arrangements and measures for reducing disaster, including projected climate risks, and enhancing disaster preparedness and response capabilities at all levels.

The Emergency Response Team of UDRRMT is one the active organizations in the university that composes students from the difference colleges that focus n immediate response and emergency services. Not only for the quick response, but, they are also tasked to train students, faculty and staff and the community as well in mitigating and preparing for, responding tom and recovering from the impact of disasters.


To become the premier risk reduction management among the State Colleges and Universities in the region.


To adopt and promote the standard of humanitarian assistance and to enhance resilience to disaster risk reduction and climate change through effective coordination and participating among members of the university and community.


To prevent and reduce the socioeconomic and environmental impacts of disasters including projected climate change and promote and the involvement and participation of every individual in the university and the community as well.ty.