Office of the Vice President for Research, Extension, & Training


  1. Goal

      Sustainable livelihood for poverty alleviation

  2. Organizational Outcome

       Improved relevance of higher education through research, extension and training

  3. Strategic Objective

       To generate, verify, package, and transfer better and new technologies for adoption and commercialization

  4. Vision 2023

    • Techno-preneurial center for mushroom, banana and citrus-based products in Nueva Vizcaya

    • Innovation partner of citrus industry in Cagayan Valley

    • Technology business incubation hub for enterprise development on banner commodities

    • Model for system integration of organic agriculture, indigenous knowledge, and advocacy on gender and development

    • Established system provider for on-line resource and trading of agricultural products

    • Design and prototype developer of industrial and agricultural machineries

  5. Key Strategies

    • Policy Support

      • Institutionalize an efficient system for research, extension and training development framework from generation to commercialization of appropriate technologies

      • Strengthen resource generation, research results dissemination, and intellectual property protection through an enhanced incentive system/policy of the University

    • Resources

      • Improve the R&D resources generation capabilities and extension delivery of faculty and students

      • Enhance RET infrastructures for improved delivery of services

      • Establish R&D centers and develop niche centers to address commodity challenges

    • Technology Development and Promotion

      • Develop value-added products derived from agriculture/forestry/natural resources for livelihood

      • Disseminate research outputs through publications and scientific fora

      • Protect and/or commercialize generated technologies

      • Establish viable demonstration projects in the university and in partnership with farmers and other stakeholders

      • Develop and enhance IEC materials

      • Provide trainings and technical advisory services to farmers and fisherfolks and other stakeholders

      • Facilitate technology adoption and enterprise development

    • Collaboration

      • Sustain and strengthen partnerships with government and non-government organizations both national and international for resource mobilization

      • Enhance RET infrastructures for improved delivery of services

      • Establish partnerships with industry towards development of viable enterprises