The Student Organization Unit is directly involved in the operation, control, and supervision of all student organizations. It is concerned with the planning, programming, and identifying the existing resources that can be fully utilized by the different SOs for the benefit of their members and the NVSU studentry.

The SO shall be headed by a Unit Head, designated by the VPAA upon recommendation of the Director, SAS, with the following functions:

  1. To assist the SAS Director in implementing the rules and regulations regarding SO activities and in formulating policies regarding general administration and supervision of the different SO's;
  2. o assist in settling conflicts among members of student organizations as well as those that may arise between and among the members of the different student organizations;
  3. To coordinate with the faculty advisers and heads/presidents of the different organized student organizations and activities;
  4. To process of papers of student organizations seeking for renewal and recognition; and
  5. To perform other duties given by the SAS Director.

For the Bambang Campus, the SO shall be headed by a Unit Head, designated by the VPAA upon recommendation of the Associate Director and of the SAS Director who shall be in charge of the Unit's operations in the campus. Same shall be under the direct supervision of the Associate Director.

Services / Programs

The SO takes charge of all student organizations recognized in the University. Supervision starts from the planning to the approval, implementation and completion of the different activities of the student organizations and making the corresponding reports. In effect, the strength and weaknesses of the different programs are identified and the student organizations are properly equipped as they move towards the realization of their objectives.

1. Monitoring of SO Activities

Monitoring includes keeping records of the attendance and participation of SO members in the different activities like meetings, initiations, and socio-cultural activities. Proper documentation of the activities is also required.

2. SO Recognition and Awards Night

The status of every student organization is evaluated yearly. As a result, those that meet the standard using the prescribed criteria are given recognition and a permit to operate within the school year. Furthermore, worthwhile activities and the outstanding performances of SO Advisers and student leaders are recognized during the Annual SO Recognition and Awards Night which is usually done during the first semester.

3. Trainings

In recognition of the potentials of many students who emerge as leaders, the Office of Student Affairs, through the Student Organization Unit, sends student delegates to conferences, trainings and workshops. The selection of student delegates is based on their qualifications, performance and interview.

4. Skills Enhancement Training for SO Advisers and Leaders

The SO, in cooperation with the Guidance Services Unit, sponsors leadership and skill enhancement trainings for faculty advisers and leaders in school campus organization advising, organizational development, planning and implementation of the different activities of student organizations toward the attainment of the University goals in particular and the community in general.