NVSU Graduates Surpass LET National Passing Rate Produces 2 rgn値 topnotchers

NVSU Graduates Surpass LET National Passing Rate Produces 2 rgn値 topnotchers

Date Published: February 02, 2018

Author: Jan Bryle G. Castrosanto

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The Nueva Vizcaya State University takes pride in its latest batch of newly licensed professional teachers, who took the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) conducted by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) on September 24, 2017.

NVSU Bayombong registered an overall passing rate of 69.00% for the elementary level and 52.75% for the secondary level. Meanwhile, NVSU Bambang attained a 43.40% passing rate for the elementary level and 52.07% for the secondary level. Both campuses surpassed the national passing percentage of 26.33% and 46.47 % for the elementary and secondary level respectively.

69 out of 100 examinees from Bayombong campus passed the elementary level, which included 66 first takers and 3 repeaters, while 115 out of 218 examinees passed the secondary level, comprised of 108 first timers and 7 repeaters.

Meanwhile, all 23 first timers from the Bambang campus passed the elementary level whereas 63 out of 121 takers passed the secondary level with 49 first timers and 14 repeaters.

Among the passers from the elementary level were regional topnotchers, Mark Lester D. Cabanilla, who ranked 8th and Denielle Sue L. Galapon in 10th, both graduated on June 2017.

Based on the data presented by the College of Teacher Education, the university has been exceeding the LET national passing rate since 2007. According to Dr. Demetria A. Corpuz, department chair of Elementary Education, this achievement can be attributed to the strict implementation of the university痴 admission and retention policy, along with the integration of review classes in the curriculum and the profile of the faculty.

After the new teachers took oath on December 15, 2017 at Tuguegarao City, the biggest challenge now according to Corpuz is "how to qualify themselves further to become more competitive in the teaching arena."

(Passers of the September 2017 Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET))


  1. ABAR, Jeynes Redulfin
  2. ABAT, Lea Laureta
  3. ACADEMIA, Cecille Corpuz
  4. AGCIO, Karen Camacho
  5. ANDRES, Kate Leanne Panit
  6. ANGELES, Lourdes Dianne Hongoy
  7. AQUINO, Rona Gail Angelica Padduyao
  8. ASPRIT, Novelyn Rafael
  9. ATTIW, Odette Mae Ananayo
  10. BAGUIWA, Weenie Joy A.
  11. BAHEL, Noralyn Madin
  12. BALUT, Angel Ubungen
  13. BANANAO, Irish Claire Delias
  14. BANTA, Alma De Guzman
  15. BATALI, Mary Ann Dalipe
  16. BERNARDINO, Maria Lourdes Macayanan
  17. BIRUNG, Sean Franz Aquino
  18. BLANCHE, Chairmaine Rose De Jesus
  19. BONDOC, Rose Marie Yanga
  20. BUADO, Lovelyn Joy Andrada
  21. BUCASDAN, Mark Louie Panuman
  22. BUGTONG, Decyree Joyce Dupinio
  23. BUYUCCAN, Judith Timmual
  24. CABANILLA, Mark Lester Dulig
  25. CABRISOS, Saniata Relavo
  26. DAGUPON, Annie Habbiling
  27. DELA CRUZ, Divina P.
  28. DE GUZMAN, Shella Mae Laroco
  29. DELA ROSA, Rodelio Cunan
  30. DINANGWATAN, Josie Cupas
  31. DIODIOT, Jovelun Bajas
  32. DIVINA, Tagumpay Ramos
  33. ENGARAN, Mark Joseph Gollayan
  34. ESCOBAR, Cheska Marie Cudal
  35. ESPINO, Gemirene Ebreo
  36. FARIムAS, Jhecylle Cancino
  37. GALAPON, Deniella Sue Liday
  38. GALICIA, Baby Noby Orpiano
  39. GALICIA, Leizel Ramos
  40. GONZALES, Cherry Ann Lairin
  41. HERMOSO, Kleanthe Villuan
  42. JUDAN, Leomer Jr. Rosana
  43. LICYAYO, Emalyn Buyagwon
  44. LINGAD, Valerie Santiago
  45. LITAOEN, Amie Andrade
  46. LOPEZ, Mariel Alibuyog
  47. MADIN, Juvilyn Sabungan
  48. MAMWAD, Shirley Pasigian
  49. PALITAYAN, Estrel Mae Ramos
  50. PALITAYAN, Nida Mae Ramos
  51. PARICA, Deonel Peralta
  52. PARUCHA, Sherry
  53. PASCUA, Jennifer Balla-Ao
  54. PULIDO, Ana Lumauig
  55. SANO, Jaysie Tabayag
  56. SOLIG, Crizel Joy Tindaan
  57. SUMINSIN, Armilinda Inway
  58. TEODRA, Maria Angelica Rosario
  59. TUGGANA, Jonalyn Adalem
  60. UMANGAL, Raquel Aquino
  61. UNTALAN, Maria Christina Mora
  62. UYAMI, Bong Bong Natuplag
  63. VELASCO, Marimar Affalla
  64. VERONILLA, Kristel Joy Banawa
  65. VILLANUEVA, Rosally O.
  66. VINAGRERA, Aprille Calderon
  67. WAYA, Febralyn Agmaliw
  68. WAYAS, Joed Ignacio


  1. ABAD, Marinet Discipulo - MAPEH
  2. ADVIENTO, Judie Ann Obiedo - English
  3. ANANAYO, Jack Lindawan - Filipino
  4. ANCHETA, Diana Rigor - Filipino
  5. ARPOCENA, Ma. Princess Ezekiel C.- Filipino
  6. BACCACO, Alpha Buyuccan - Filipino
  7. BALAQUIT, Fely Joyce Ileen Pawid - TLE
  8. BALCANAO, Jessibel Malindao - GenSci
  9. BARTOLOME, Mark Dante Marzo - SS
  10. BASILIO, Romel Cario - TLE
  11. BATTANG, Carpoe Buccahan - MAPEH
  12. BAYATAN, Raulo Gene Castillo - GenSci
  13. BUANAN, Catherine - TLE
  14. BUGTONG, Rheann Lepi - English
  15. BULAHAO, Sierra Lynn Ayana - English
  16. CABACSAN, Winnie Anne Pakinkin - TLE
  17. CABLINAN, Cynthia Labao - Filipino
  18. CACHERO, Junel Benter - English
  19. CAMARILLO, Angeline Luz - Filipino
  20. CASTILLO, Arlene Gay  De Guzman- MAPEH
  21. CASTILLO, Luther Fajardo - SS
  22. CATBAGAN, Fides Claire Padilla - Filipino
  23. CO, Ednilyn Pentacostes -SS
  24. CORSAME, Mikee Grace Acebuche - SS
  25. CUTARAN, Jhoanna Rose Timbreza - SS
  26. DAMASO, Tringkle Chinangan - TLE
  27. DAYAG, Erwin Bernal- MEPEH
  28. DE GUZMAN, Kristel Ann Manaois - English
  29. DE PEDRO, Jezreel Ann Dumale - TLE
  30. DICLIHON, Bea Calingayan -English
  31. DULNUAN, Devine Debbra Bummar -English
  32. DULNUAN, Juliene Pugong -English
  33. DUWE-E, Janice Bugayao-MAPEH
  34. ELORIA, Rebecca Anne Balut- GenSci
  35. ENGOSAN, Myra Bay-an - English
  36. GARCIA, Mica Sinchico -MAPEH
  37. GARLITOS, Jerwin Manocdoc -English
  38. GAYAGOY, Zander Jr. Dado 亡S
  39. GULLINGAY, Marlon Gabitano - MAPEH
  40. IFURUNG, Benjie Caligan - Filipino
  41. ILDEFONSO, Viverly Kate Antonio -Filipino
  42. JAVIER, Michael Sabado -TLE
  43. JOVELO, Agnes Ramos - Filipino
  44. JUAN, Rhoderick Cleto -Filipino
  45. LABOG, Rochelle Bayle _TLE
  46. LACSAY, Claudia Alfonso- English
  47. LAPADA, Kelvin Jay Cabreros - English
  48. LIBUATAN, Noemi Gayana 亡S
  49. LIWAG, Lorgie Singgangan.-TLE
  50. LIWAN, Claire Cabbigat - English
  51. LUMAUIG, Madonna Pacipas -SS
  52. MANGASER, Maybell Solis -SS
  53. MEJIA, Phil Ara _MAPEH
  54. MINA, Jesille Mae - SS
  55. MURAYAG, Ma. Clarissa Alcaide -TLE
  56. NARDO, Cristel Lopez -English
  57. OCAMPO, Ezekiel -MAPEH
  58. OMAS, Jesabelle Delfin -SS
  59. PAGADDUT, Ayrene Guinabay - GenSci
  60. PALAGANAS, Dionisia Jose TLE
  61. PALLAY, Jireh Faith Baguilat - MAPEH
  62. PALLAY, Fyka Mae Banay -Filipino
  64. PATAUEG, Domar Achera -GenSci
  65. PIN-AG, Rose Ann Ramos-English
  66. QUITANG, Fernando Jr. Aragones-MAPEH
  67. PAMOS, Raejel Reanne Rosete -SS
  68. REPUELA, Marjirie Joanna Pilare -SS
  69. REYES, Krizel Abalos- English
  70. RUZ, Aileen Castro- Filipino
  71. SANTOS, Veless Mhae Galap- English
  72. SOLIVEN, Patrice Jufel Roduta -MAPEH
  73. SUMINSIN, Patricia Inway- Filipino
  74. SUPNAD, Primalyn Mones-MAPEH
  75. TALEON, Marie Claire Esteban- Filipino
  76. TIPAL, Lenny Abanse -GenSci
  77. TOLEDO, Genalyn Lacambra -SS
  78. TOMAS, Kathleen Rumbaoa-TLE
  79. VALBUENA, Angelica Gurat - GenSci
  80. WANZI, Salin Takid -SS
  81. WIDWICHAN, Stephanie Cawas-GenSci
  82. WIGAN, Jessa Kate Sadaran-TLE
  83. YACAPIN, Darrel Castillo- English


  1. ARAGON, Geneva Sajulan
  2. BALIZA, Mary Ann Acosta
  3. CINCO, Raquel Padre
  4. DINGCOG, Judilyn Mon-Ayao
  5. DOMINGO, Jezzabelle Marzan
  6. HIDALGO, Cherry Bangaona
  7. LAYUGAN, Jessica Yarcia
  8. MALUTA, Cherry Grace Guit-Ang
  9. MANZANO, Aljhun Esteban
  10. NAGUIT, Ester Timog
  11. OLDICO, Joribel Tomino
  12. PARITANG, Junior Van Birco
  13. PASCUA, Alexis Mae Tomas
  14. SINACAY, Ethel Rhianie Huldong


  1. CHINYUNA, Romelia Allutang


  1. ALIWED, Armelito Palangyos
  2. BUYUCCAN, Analee Yvette Juan
  3. DANGO, Rowena Linummo
  4. ESTACIO, Larry Gabriel
  5. INGAN-U, Beverly Tobiagon

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