10 NVSU Technologies Qualified for IPR Assistance from DOST-TAPI thru IP Audit

10 NVSU Technologies Qualified for IPR Assistance from DOST-TAPI thru IP Audit

Date Published: April 24, 2018

Author: Faye Anne S. Gumiran and Kristine Celine L. Robles

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Ten (10) technologies generated from various projects funded by the DOST and other funding agencies qualified for IPR assistance from the Department of Science and Technology - TAPI during the Intellectual Property (IP) Audit conducted on February 26, 2018, at the REBD Conference Hall.

The IP Audit aims to facilitate the IP protection of the possibly novel technologies from these selected projects conducted by various researchers of the institution. The scope of the IPR assistance covers the filing and prosecution costs until the grant of the rights.

There were six (6) DOST funded technologies for IPR assistance obtained during IP Audit—(1)  Process of Producing Tomato Powder from Tomato Diamante Species and Products Derived Thereof, (2) Process of Producing Squash Powder from Squash fruit Malandi (Cucurbita maxima) and the Products Derived Thereof, (3) Gamma-Irradiated Carangeenan Extracts as Performance Enhancer in Broiler Chicken, (4) Formulation of Fungal Entomopathogen Isaria fumosorosea (WIZE) Brown and Smith as Bioinsecticide Against Cucurbit Leafworm, Diaphania indica Saunders in Cucumber, (5)  Mechanical Fruit Grader for Mandarin, and (6) Liquid Formulation of Fungal Entomopathogen Beauveria bassiana as Bio-Control Agent.

Further, there were also four (4) non DOST technologies for copyright registration— (1) Spiral-Paddled Type Water Wheel, (2)  Biomass Shedder, (3) Mushroom Substrate Bagger,  and (4) Development of Anaerobic Digester; and one (1) for trademark registration entitled “Biskaya Native Pig” from a DOST-PCAARRD funded project. 

According to Engr. Kevin Ocampo, DOST-TAPI Science Research Specialist II, “DOST funded technologies should be protected and through IP Audit, the request of IPR assistance for possible IP filling will be hastened.” 

Further, Engr. Ocampo also discussed the importance of IP protected technologies and its target beneficiaries, “When the technology is protected, other researchers will be encouraged to improve the research industry and [to] grow, and later on will be ready for commercialization. The researchers, school affiliated, DOST, and the industry itself will be benefited from this project.”

This endeavor is conducted by the DOST-TAPI nationwide and visits schools to gather DOST funded researchers to assist on the spot on how to fill up the forms and complete the requirements simultaneously.

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