Bayan Mo i-Patrol Mo conquers NVSU

Bayan Mo i-Patrol Mo conquers NVSU

Date Published: May 12, 2018

Author: Faye Anne S. Gumiran and Kristine Celine L. Robles

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"What we want in Bayan mo i-Patrol mo (BMPM) is that, citizens should continue to ask "why?"" said Rowena Paraan, head of BMPM ABS-CBN as she talks about the aim of citizen journalism last March 22, 2018 at the NVSU mini theater.

The seminar was attended by about one hundre (100) students along with some faculty and staff of NVSU who actively participated in the seminar entitled, "Bayan Mo Ipatrol Mo: Citizen Journalism."

According to Paraan, "you have the right to seek, receive, and impart information." The said right is embodied on a resolution named "Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)" which lists all the rights that every citizen should enjoy.

Paraan also discussed importance of citizen journalism in modern age. 

As presented, citizen journalism is the dissemination of news and information by the community through social media or internet. It is a voluntary act, often about the citizen's community and is seeking for an action from the government.

With regards to importance, citizen journalism encourages people to be more vigilant and to monitor issues in their respective communities. It serves as a bridge between communities and government. It highlights community issues, it gives the weak a voice, it brings concrete solution to a problem, it serves as a platform for advocacy, and it provides a venue for sharing positive experiences.


A key note speech was then left to audience stating that "being a citizen journalist, is both a right and a responsibility," as Paraan encourages the audience to join the BMPM and be a citizen journalist.

Thus, participants who wants to be a bayan patroller, filled out basic information including their social media accounts. Further, she assured the safety and privacy of citizen journalists through the use of anonymity, wherein the name of the bayan patroller will not be disclosed.

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