Celebrating Achievements: Faculty and Staff gets merit for exemplary performance

Celebrating Achievements: Faculty and Staff gets merit for exemplary performance

Date Published: May 20, 2018

Author: Jan Bryle G. Castrosanto

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"From its humble beginnings, now, we take pride to what our university has achieved. These accomplishments can only be attributed to the men and women who dedicated, and will continue to pledge their service to the university", said Dr. Andres Z. Taguiam, University President, as he welcomed the exemplary performance awardees during the recognition program of faculty and staff awardees and retirees in the recently concluded 14th Charter Anniversary celebrated on March 20, 2018 at the NVSU Bayombong Gymnatorium.

Dr. Taguiam reassured the faculty and staff of the university that their achievements will not go unnoticed saying "always will be, your positive actions will be reciprocated with intrinsic reward of an excellent legacy that shall run in the records of our university." He also believes that these achievements are the reason why NVSU is at par with other academic institutions not only in the region, in the country but also abroad.

145 faculty and staff of NVSU Bayombong and Bambang were given outstanding merit for giving pride and honor to the university with their respective achievements. 


The Outstanding Faculty was awarded to Dr. Yolina T. Castañeto (Bayombong). Dr. Lori Shayne A. Busa (Bayombong) and Dr. Jenifer Raymond R. Tallungan (Bambang) were both awarded Outstanding Researchers.

The Outstanding Extension Worker was awarded to Engr. Sony P. Aquino (Bayombong) and Engr. Remedies L. Fragata (Bambang). Dr. Elebert A. Sana, Project Manager of the Banana Project (Bayombong) and Dr. Deomedes S. Ranjo, Project Manager of the Ceramics and Novelty Items Project were named Outstanding Projects-in-charge. While the Maaga, Maagap at Masipag award was given to Ms. Edita G. Ojano, of the General Administrative and Support Services.

The Outstanding Achievement awardees included: Dr. Adornado C. Vergara for his 2017 Presidential Lingkod Award, Dr. Jonar I. Yago for his 2017 Dr. Elvira O. Tan Award, Dr. Romulfo C. Sanchez for winning first place for his baby chair, second place for his potty chair and 3rd place for his ironing stand designs, Dr. Perlita C. Tiburcio for garnering 2nd place for "A Process of Producing Edible Products from Citrus By- Products",   and finally Dr. Filemon A. Pamittan for being one of the top 10 performing accreditors of the AACCUP Inc.


Other faculty and staff were also given appreciation with their excellent performances on their respective fields.

The Outstanding Coach were accorded to forty-three (43) personnel. Thirty-nine (39) faculty members who presented their papers in international events and one  in the national level were also recognized. 

There were four awardees for the Outstanding Achievement as Inventors, while three were awarded for their book authorship.

Seventeen (17) faculty members were recognized for their published articles/ researches and fourteen (14) served as peer reviewers in referred journals.

Furthermore, 22 personnel were identified for having outstanding accomplishment is fund generation in Research, Development and Extension.

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