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Culture and the Arts


NVSU as an enriched academic community through Culture and the Arts


The NVSU Culture and the Arts Center founded in a multi-cultural setting is committed to:

  1. Provide venues for the students to display their talents in arts and culture.

  2. Manage and sustain the Culture and the Arts programs of the university.

  3. Promote awareness and appreciation of the rich cultural heritage of the community.

  4. Establish linkages and collaborate with cultural organizations, government and private institutions for the promotion of the local arts and culture within and outside the country.

  5. Create awareness for the emergent researches showcasing the multicultural landscape of the university.


  1. To discover, train/enhance and develop artistic talents in the fields of music, dance, theater and visual art.

  2. To achieve excellence in the expression of artistic talents through exposure in competitions, exhibitions and stage productions within and outside the university.

  3. To explore the rich cultural heritage of the community through research works.

  4. To participate in local and international culture and the arts activities and competitions through established linkages.