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Museo Vizcaino


The museum was then transferred to the second floor of library during the presidency of Dr. Fortunato Battad. Later on, Dr. Demetria Corpuz took charge of the museum tagged as University Cultural Heritage Museum.

During the time of Dr. Florentina Dumlao as president in tandem with the Campus Administrator of Bayombong Campus, Dr. Loreta Vivian Galima, the museum was transferred to its newly renovated room at the first floor of the library with the name Tawid Museum.

At present, the museum is now managed by the Culture and the Arts Office, headed by Prof. Romana P. Dulnuan and Mild Hombrebueno as Museum In-charge with its new name Museo Vizcaino. The new name of the museum was coined by Mrs. Arshiela Gauuan Manuel. Accordingly, the term Vizcaino is an old and anglicized term for the original inhabitants of the province of Nueva Vizcaya. The term “Museo” as cognate of museum will make a good rhyme with Vizcaino, hence, putting these two terms together produce a good combination, both with an interesting etymology and cultural symbolism.

About the Logo

The Logo showcases the Modern Baybayin writing, it is the initials for Museo Vizcaino (M and V). The Baybayin entails the pre-colonial writing style of the Filipino, thus, it is fitting to use this old writing for the Logo because the museum houses artifacts and objects of the past. Likewise, the Baybayin letters happen to illustrate valley and mountains which are very similar to the landscape of the Nueva Vizcaya province. The word Vizcaino is an anglicized term for the original inhabitants of the province. Prominent colors are green and yellow, these depict the colors of both the province and the NVSU.

Designed by: Arshiela G. Manuel