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Title Proponents

Bioethanol Production from Citrus Waste

Adornado C. Vergara

Extent of Pineapple Industry in the Province of Nueva Vizcaya

Adornado C. Vergara

Carbon Stock of Trees at NVSU Arboretum

Yolina T. Castañeto

NVSU Waste Assessment and Characterization System: A Benchmark Study for the Acceptability of the University Solid Waste Management Program

Rogelio P. Pascua and Elmer T. Castañeto

Rama: A Locally-Based Practice in a Philippine Fishing Community

Fermila R. Cauilan and Mild R. Hombrebueno

Flowing Down Magat River: The Story of Five Tributaries

Joan A. Pinon

Revisiting Cultural Transition: Mapping of Significant Religious Artifacts in Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

Elson Boie Tumaneng and Romana P. Dulnuan

Caught in the Middle: Doing Research with Indigenous Cultural Communities and the Government

Lorna L. Oligo and Jubert B. Oligo

Students Gender and Sexuality in Nueva Vizcaya State University - Bayombong Campus

Maria Rousselle G. Jandoc and Angel L. Genato IV

Flora and the Ifugao World of Rituals and Traditions

Joseph E. Bubod and Romana P. Dulnuan

Gender Responsiveness of Guidance and Counseling Centers

Maria Rousselle G. Jandoc and Lorna L. Oligo

Emotional Correlates in Second Language Learning among IP Students of a Multicultural Academic Community

Jenifer Raymond R. Tallungan, Eva Liza D. Basconcillo, Martia F. Bancual, Girlie F. Salas, Mary Gay T. Aguila

Professional Development as Correlate with Performance Commitment among Faculty Members of a State University in Cagayan Valley

Jenifer Raymond R. Tallungan, Marita F. Fernandez, Andres Z. Taguiam

Task-based Learning Approach and Assessment Skills of Prospective Teachers

Jenifer Raymond R. Tallungan

Redesigning of Computer Programming Syllabus Based on CDIO Concept

Irel V. Derjie, Vilma Santos

Kalanguya Oral Narratives: Repertory of Literary Footmarks and their Sociocultural Devices

Jenifer Raymond R. Tallungan, Girlie F. Salas, Mercy T. Las Marias

Phytochemical, antioxidant, cytotoxic, and antimicrobial properties of the endemic dagwey (Saurauia subglaba Merr.) of the Philippines

Fitzgerald F. Fabelico

Correlates Between the Four Model of Cultural Intelligence Among the Teachers of a Secondary Educational Institution In Nueva Vizcaya

Imelda S. Ocampo and Lionel Luis F. Dumelod

Employment, Learning Experiences and Job Perspectives Among BS Biology Graduates SY 2014-2018

Mercy T. Las Marias and Noel C. Cardona Jr.

Organoleptic Characteristics and Acceptability of Goby Sardines in Tomato Sauce

Irel V. Derije, Ian Kim P. Seglibon, Vilma M. Santos

The Multi-Purpose Weaving Loom

Deomedes S. Ranjo,Jr

Development and Performance Evaluation of a Portable Essential Oil Extractor

Fitzgerald L. Fabelico and Frankie M. Ramos

Nueva Vizcaya Dagwey as a Potential Bioactive Source of Natural Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Cosmoceutical Products

Fitzgerald L. Fabelico and Daniel Marvin B. Ramel

Hospitality Management Students Preparedness and Industry Perspectives on Employability of Graduates

Allen Mark A. Razalan

Climate-Change Mitigation Practices Audit of Hospitality Establishments in Nueva Vizcaya: The Application of ASEAN Green Criteria

Marcelino T. Razalan, Jr., Allen Mark A. Razalan, Rhea L. Adriatico, and Chrizel Mae V. Pagbilao

Teaching Performance of Faculty Members: Basis for Policy Making

Josefina S. Sana, Jane D. Navalta, Juanita B. Pascua, Cherry Ann P. Navalta, Jay-ar A. Castriciones, Vilchor G. Perdido

Faculty Members Perspectives and Practices on Assessment of Students

Jane D. Navalta, Juanita B. Pascua, Cherry Ann P. Navalta, Josefina S. Sana, Marielo D. Cadiz, and Jay-ar A. Castriciones