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University Educational Testing Center (UETC)

The UETC administers tests intended for use by the university to evaluate individuals for entry to Undergraduate programs. It also conducts faculty evaluations which assess and identify faculty’s strengths and weaknesses while helping create a healthy academic culture that leads to increased student satisfaction and achievement.


A functional Unit of the University entrusted to help each individual discover his/her potentials and capabilities through test results, thereby helping him/her to develop fully as a person


Maladjusted and non-performing individuals are creative people whose capabilities, skills and competencies have not been fully developed. The University Educational Testing Center purposely to improve and maximize his capabilities based on his/her academic performance and achievement as shown in the results of tests


  1. Develop teacher-made aptitude test as basis for incoming freshmen and transferees

  2. Develop standardized tests for teacher-applicants

  3. Interpret and disseminate test results for appropriate utilization

  4. Conduct Outreach testing services

  5. Improve the quality of instruction through periodic evaluation of the performance of the faculty

  6. Conduct regular research evaluation of university pursuant but not limited to policy making