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Fostering Global Collaboration: NVSU and OISCA Japan International Forge Partnership during International day

Fostering Global Collaboration: NVSU and OISCA Japan International Forge Partnership during International day

Today marks a spirit of global cooperation and shared vision as NVSU held its first international day as part of the week-long 20thCharter Anniversary Celebration. In its first leg, the NVSU  and Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement (OISCA) Japan International inked a MOA to initiate a groundbreaking Sericulture Project.

The event, held at the administration building lobby, NVSU,Bayombong campus, was attended by esteemed key officials of the university and OISCA Representative, Atty. Yukihiro Ishibashi.

The proceedings commenced with a welcome address by Atty. Regine Karla G. Tabas  as she extends warm recognition to  esteemed attendees . Thereupon,  Dr. Wilfredo A. Dumale, Jr, in his message , underscored the significance of the occassion, highlighting the transformative potential in collaborations.

“There is no way to move forward but through internationalizations. Let the world see us, what we have been doing in the university, and let us see what they have been doing. Only then, we are going to realize the relevance that we have, not just in domestic front but also in the international community as well. In fact, a leading university in education, innovation and sustainable development would entail internationalization”

Thereafter, Dr. William D. Magday, CTE Dean, presented collaborative efforts between the OISCA and NVSU as he highlighted the joint achievements including the Internship Program facilitated by OISCA and Yamato Foundation, as well as the planning of  initiatives such as Sericulture, Japanese Language Courses, and Technical Internship Programs for students. Following this, successful internship applicants demonstrated their proficiency in Nihonggo. 

In a comprehensive overview of the MOA, Dr. Jonar I. Yago, VP RET,  elucidated on the story of Sericulture which aims to harness the potential of silk production as a viable industry leading up to the establishment of  memorandum of agreement. This endeavor seeks to reaffirm the partnership commitment with OISCA.  

With OISCA Representative , Atty. Yukihiro Ishibashi and Dr. Wilfredo A. Dumale  in attendance, this ceremonial gesture represented the formalization of mutual goals and joint commitments. The signing of the memorandum of agreement signified a crucial step forward in fostering collaborative efforts between NVSU and OISCA Japan International. Following it, Atty. Yukihiro Ishibashi, OISCA representative, emphasized the organization’s longstanding ties with NVSU  and reaffirmed OISCA’s dedication to support this initiative. 

As a vibrant interlude to the formal proceedings, moments of cultural celebration also echoed featuring rhythmic beats of Kalinga Suite and Jota Vizcayano which serves as a reminder of the diversity and unity that characterize the partnership between NVSU and OISCA. 

In the pursuit towards internationalization, the ceremonial signing of the MOA is a testament of shared commitment to global integration and fostering meaningful international alliances. This further demonstrates that NVSU has significantly bolstered its international endeavors through recent initiatives to expand globally, all the while maintaining a commitment to providing excellent service to our local communities.