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NVSU commences 20th Charter Anniversary Celebration

On the vibrant morning of March 19, 2024, Nueva Vizcaya State University (NVSU) was abuzz with anticipation as the entire university community gathered for a series of uplifting events. The day commenced with the cherished tradition of Salubungan, a symbolic meeting that unites the Bayombong and Bambang campuses in celebration. Faculty, staff, and students embarked on a jubilant journey, riding in a colorful convoy adorned with banners and balloons. This symbolic procession echoed with cheers and laughter, signifying the shared excitement and camaraderie among participants.

Following the spirit of unity, NVSU continued its morning activities with a heartfelt Thanksgiving service, offering gratitude for the blessings and achievements that have enriched the university community. Faculty, staff, and students came together in reflection and appreciation, acknowledging the collective efforts that have propelled NVSU forward.

As the morning progressed, NVSU's commitment to excellence took center stage with the Grand Opening Program and the State of the University Address of President Wilfredo A. Dumale, Jr. Dignitaries, esteemed guests, and members of the university community gathered to celebrate NVSU's accomplishments and future endeavors. The event featured cultural performances and a keynote address by esteemed alumnus PLTGEN. RHODEL O SERMONIA, whose inspiring words resonated deeply with attendees, emphasizing the values of hope and resilience.

Along with the festivities are Technology Transfer Day-FOB training, the Book Fair, and the Trade Fair. These activities provided platforms for showcasing intellectual property, fostering knowledge exchange, and promoting collaboration among participants from various sectors. From employees to students to the general public, everyone had the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations and explore new ideas.

As the morning activities drew to a close, NVSU left an indelible mark on its community, inspiring a renewed sense of pride and optimism for the future. Through unity, gratitude, excellence, and innovation, NVSU continues to lead the way in higher education, shaping tomorrow's leaders and changemakers.