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NVSU Kicks off its 20th Charter Anniversary with Press Conference

The Press Conference marked the commencement of Nueva Vizcaya State University's 20th Charter Anniversary with the theme "A score of our past, the bridge of our future,".

The occasion saw NVSU's key officials, media representatives gather, and NVSU members carrying with them the weight, legacy, and a promise to NVSU’s future. 

Embodying a strategic vision that drives NVSU forward, Dr. Carlo F. Vadil, Vice President for Planning, Development, and Information Systems, delivered his opening statement, setting the tone for the event. His words underscore the institution's commitment to innovation, partnership, and realizing its full potential.

“As we embark on the new chapter of our journey, let us reaffirm our commitment to foster dynamic and mutually beneficial partnership with the media and the press. Let us seize this moment to celebrate our shared achievements, renew our dedication to excellence, and embark on future filled with promise and possibility”.

Following Dr. Vadil’s opening, University President Dr. Wilfredo A. Dumale Jr, a luminary in the academic community, takes the stage with passion as he reflected on the journey of NVSU for the last few years, its achievements, the challenges and the trajectory of NVSU. His inspiring words resonated deeply among viewers as it highlights the institution’s dedication to provide quality service and to chart a course towards its aspiration of becoming an national university.

“ From the many challenges confronting us, we continuously provide the quality service expected of us by our communities and the stakeholders we serve.”

“ We are delighted that you are here because through you, we will be able to convey to the community the strides and the direction, the vision and the dream of the university to serve even better the community that we serve not just in the province of Nueva Vizcaya because we are aiming to become an international university in the near future.”

Subsequently, Atty. Regine Karla G. Tabas, Director of the Office of International Affairs, further elaborates on the event as she articulated the significance of the chosen theme, highlighting how it encapsulates the history and NVSU’s vision for the future encompassing areas such as academic excellence, global research networks, technology innovation, internationalization, and administrative efficiency.

“Setting a bold vision for the future, NVSU aims to achieve remarkable milestones in : NVSU is a top performing academic institution that adheres to international standards; NVSU at the forefornt of global R&D networks; NVSU as a leading institution of technology commercialization and innovation; NVSU as a beacon of internalization; and NVSU as a leading institution in administrative efficiency, compliance, and stakeholder satisfaction”.

Dr. Arvin P. Vallesteros, the esteemed Campus Administrator of Bayombong and the Director General of the NVSU 20th Charter Anniversary took the stage to outline the diverse and exciting activities planned for the celebration. Form academic symposiums to cultural performances, each event promises to showcase the diverse talents and potentials of the NVSU community. 

As the formal presentations of the NVSU key officials concluded, media representatives and NVSU members eagerly engaged in an interactive session, exchanging ideas and insights on how NVSU can continue to thrive in the years to come. Facilitated by prominent figures within the institution, the dialogue served as a platform to reinforce the sense of unity and purpose of NVSU as it underscores the collaborative spirit essential for its continued growth and success.

As the event draws to a close, with gratitude and optimism, Dr. Elma P. Apostol, vice President for Academic Affairs expressed her appreciation to all who have made the celebration possible and extends a heartfelt invitation to continue the journey together towards a future filled with promise and possibility.

Amidst the applause and camaraderie shown in the Press Conference, parallel events such as Opening of Technology Transfer and the Tree Planting further enriched the anniversary activities,demonstrating the institution’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.