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Highlights from Days 2-3 of the Accreditation Review

During the second and third days of the accreditation survey visit at NVSU, several key activities took place, showcasing significant progress in the review process for the 16 programs. These activities included the presentation and defense of the Narrative Profile/Compliance Report, meetings with local counterparts, virtual campus tours, visits to extension sites, and interviews with stakeholders all conducted via Zoom.

The presentation and defense of the Narrative Profile/Compliance Report provided an opportunity for NVSU to showcase the strengths and achievements of its programs. The meetings with local counterparts allowed for valuable discussions and collaborations, enhancing the overall accreditation process. Virtual campus tours and visits to extension sites provided the accreditation team with a comprehensive understanding of NVSU's physical and outreach infrastructure.

Furthermore, interviews with stakeholders via Zoom enabled a broader perspective on the impact and effectiveness of NVSU's programs. These interactions allowed for valuable insights and feedback from various stakeholders, enriching the accreditation review.

NVSU continues to maintain a positive outlook for a successful accreditation outcome. The institution's unwavering dedication to providing quality education and its commitment to continuous improvement are evident throughout the ongoing review process. The faculty and staff members at NVSU are resolute in their efforts to meet and exceed the rigorous standards established by the accreditation body. With their collective determination and hard work, NVSU aims to achieve the desired accreditation status in 2023.